December 2, 2012


He’s a real firecracker

February 6, 2012


Two peas in a podcast

February 6, 2012


Two long-standing Texas hardcore kids (see also: adults) xNoblex and The Gersch have started a podcast entitled Save It For The Breakdown. Our singer Drew hung out with them for a couple episodes. Check it: Save It For The Breakdown

2011 Can Suck It

December 18, 2011

Let’s end this bitch the right way, Austin.

Catch one of Houston’s best, Band Of Mercy (members of Seeker, Will To Live, Die Young), for FREE at Red 7 with one of Austin’s newest, Bust!, and the reunion of best buddies One Against Many and Cutting Losses.

Shake off that hangover by getting berated by XOFFEDX (our singer’s new band), who will be joining up with Just Sayin (another new Austin hardcore super group featuring members of Losing Grip, Dead Times and ex-CL) and some of DFW’s finest for another FREE show at Mohawk.

Strictly 4 My Saucerz

December 4, 2011

We are booking your next two saturdays, scope it:



What’s tha muthafuckin’ deal?

November 28, 2011

Yo Fallcore was tight. Huge thanks to Daniel & Willow for putting us on. It was cool to play for (and with) a bunch of new faces. Super duper shouts to dudes from Will To Live & Band Of Mercy for helping us out after our van broke down in Van Loc’s parking lot. I guess you could say our van loc’ed out.

We made some shirts in honor of our Houston trip and have some left over. Head over to our Big Cartel page to purchase one. We now have copies of Endless available on that page as well. Or just listen to it on the Bandcamp page. You got choices, son.

“Worst hardcore band name of all time”

November 14, 2011

I present to you, OFFED, Austin’s premier straight edge band:

OFFED is our singer’s new band. It’s faster, rawer, edger. Scope the Facebook page, which has the Bandcamp embedded for a stream or download of their new 8-song demo.

Also, as usual a huge thanks to JJ for putting us on what was a super duper fun show on Sunday with Dead Times (our dudes from ATX), End Times (our dudes from DFW) and Strong Belief (our new friends from Mexico).


October 25, 2011

First off – we are playing this year’s Fallcore in Houston, TX on 11/26. We’ll be playing with the likes of Power Trip, Will To Live, The Burden and Hardside so double up your styrofoam cups and let’s do this for Screw.

Secondly, somebody listened to our record and felt compelled to e-mmortalize their thoughts on it. Yeah I coined that phrase. Feel free to use it.

Crunchy riffs and violent vocals


October 18, 2011

Just realized I never posted an actual “here is where you can buy the record” post but who’s counting? And by counting I mean giving any kind of a fuck.


Stream, download or purchase vinyl at:
Metastasis Records Bandcamp

Say I Won’t

October 9, 2011

This is just the free shit.