Well shit.

As I type this, tears are jumping to their death in my pint of Bluebell Butter Crunch ice cream that I am literally drowning my sorrows in. I have to impart upon you some straight up shitty news. Greg Rampage is leaving Cutting Losses. I like leaving better than quitting because time will probably show that he will still have a role in this band. However, his sweet lil guardian angel has led him down a path that means his ass gotta move to Seattle, and sad to say he won’t be able to drag my ass behind him like when we moved to Austin in 2008. I doubt anybody really reads this aside from a couple of financial professionals that happen upon this blog by accident after Googling recession survival techniques so I won’t waste too much time here but I gotta show love where it’s due.

Greg and I started this band in 2004 as a little side thing and as a means for me to hone my anger/love for Trial & Dead Wrong. I waited patiently until 2008 when we had 4 songs and a demo…and decided to put it to rest and move to a new state. With just a little prodding Greg agreed we should keep the name, keep the songs and give it another full-time go here in Austin AND BOY DID WE! We went through more drummers than a hooker with a percussion fetish, we were headlining over major recording artists by our third show and we even wrote another song or two.

Point is, Cutting Losses wouldn’t be shit without my man. He wrote every note of every song. Yes, I write the lyrics but I’m pretty sure even fewer people would be interested in an acapella version of Conviction (say I won’t). So losing Greg is like losing my voice. Well, no, I guess not because I am the voice. So I guess it’s like losing my guitar player. WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY is that I love Greg and though I gotta shout out Daine, Gary, Cody & JJ for helping this band get to where it is, it has been been Blood & Rampage for 7 damn years. And I hate the idea of doing it without him but those crazy ol’ fools at Metastasis Records decided to release our nonsense and that means we gotta keep it thuggin. Darin from One Against Many and Nick from Drawback are going to help us out for now. They may take on permanent roles but at this point members and names and all that don’t matter. Cutting Losses is still the same hardcore band/dead horse it was, forever and ever.

Greg, you better leave a million Snickers bar wrappers up in Seattle.

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